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What do we do?

We are a digital agency working on web and mobile applications. We provide the best looking design and cleanest, high quality code for your project. Through our agile processes you will be involved with the development of your project from the beginning until the end. We provide you a highly available, scalable, cutting-edge solution, which is low maintenance and easy to upgrade after it has been finished. To achieve this we attract the best developers and designers worldwide, and pair them up to work with our clients.

How do we do it?

Latest technologies

Omega Coders takes pride in being able to solve technical tasks with the highest efficiency possible. Our staff gets the time to experiment with all of the latest technologies and apply them as soon as they are stable enough and deemed valuable.

Cloud infrastructure

We love the devops and cloud movements and getting rid of as much infrastructure setup and maintenance overhead as possible. This allows us to focus on what matters - the actual project and its features.

Collaborative design

Our designers use tools that allow for collaborative design, meaning from prototyping until the final solution, all communication between all parties is streamlined as much as possible.

Where are we?


We have people working remotely from the UK, Romania, Ukraine, and other places.

Who are we looking for

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The positions currently open are as follows:

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We Want To Share Our Knowledge

We are eager to meet people who want to learn, work and grow together with us.

Years of experience and the deep understanding of our craft have led us to believe that we are ready to show our way of doing things and guide the ones who want to become part of this industry.

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How can we be contacted?

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