Course Regulations


1. The Omega Coders Course on PHP Web Development (the “Course”) is a four-week intensive course run in English and is the responsibility of Omega Coders Academy (the “Academy”) whose decision on all matters relating thereto, including these Regulations, shall be final.

2. A certificate of attendance (the “Award Certificate”) will be awarded to students who successfully complete the Course in terms of Regulations 27, 28 and 29 below.

3. Unless otherwise advised, lectures commence on the date as stipulated in the Schedule of Lectures, at the premises of the Sofia Omega Coders Office with address: pl, “Rayko Daskalov” 2 (the “Premises”). Each lecture will be approximately four (4) hours long.

4. The Academy may change the format of the lecture from a physical lecture to an online lecture when the circumstances so require. It is to be noted that in the case of online lectures, lectures will be recorded to provide the Student with useful learning resources. It is recommended that students participate in the lecture by switching on their cameras throughout the course of the lecture.


5. An individual wishing to follow the Course should hold a relevant University degree or an equivalent qualification in Programming, Computer Science, Information Technology and/or Software Development. Where no University degree, or equivalent qualifications are held, relevant work experience and self-taught skills garnered through online courses and tutorials will be taken into account.

6. The number of places is limited, and thus candidates are admitted to the Course on the basis of an Entrance Exam (the “Exam”) in terms of Regulations 14, 15 and 16 below.

7. The Academy shall retain full overall and final control over the selection process.


8. An individual wishing to follow the course shall complete and submit the online application form found on our Academy Website . Alternatively, he/she may complete and submit the application form provided by the Academy.

9. Applications are to be supported by appropriate documentation regarding identity, academic qualifications, expertise and work experience.

10. It is the applicant’s exclusive responsibility to ensure that all the information which he/she provides to the Academy is true, accurate, and complete, and that no key information is omitted.

11. Under no circumstances will applications made by a third party (e.g. an agent or a relative) on behalf of a student be accepted.

12. Signed applications for participation in the Course must be submitted by not later than 1st July 2022.


13. After careful review and consideration of each individual application, the Academy will decide whether the said applicant meets the eligibility requirements set out in the call for application. Only applicants who meet the eligibility requirements may undergo the selection process. Responsibility for determining whether or not an applicant meets the eligibility requirements lies with the Academy.

14. If the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, he/she will be regarded as an eligible candidate, and would thus have to sit for the Exam.

15. The Exam, will be conducted via Google Classroom, whereby the candidate will be required to complete and submit a Google Form with his/her answers.

16. The Academy will assess the candidate’s submissions, and his/her performance is evaluated accordingly.

17. The decision with respect to the candidate’s admission to the Course or otherwise, will be communicated by email within one month from the date of the Exam as per Regulation 18 below.


18. If the candidate has been chosen by the Academy to participate in the Course, the Academy will make the candidate an admission offer (the “Offer”) which will be communicated by email. If the candidate is not chosen to participate in the Course, he/she will be informed accordingly.

19. The chosen candidate will be officially admitted to the Course only upon formal acceptance of the Offer within three (3) days of receipt of the Offer.

20. Once formal acceptance of the Offer has been received, the chosen candidate will be required to sign a Student Agreement. Upon signing the Student Agreement, the chosen candidate will be regarded as a student of the Academy (the “Student”) and he/she will be subject to the rights and obligations specified in the Student Agreement.

21. The Academy reserves the right to reevaluate and/or reverse its decision with respect to any candidate’s admission to the Course.

22. If the Academy discovers that the chosen candidate’s application contains incorrect or fraudulent information, or if the chosen candidate is found to have omitted any key information from his/her application, the Academy may withdraw or amend any Offer made. If such information is discovered after the candidate has been admitted to the Course or after the completion of the Course, the Academy has the right to immediately terminate the Enrollment Agreement and/or revoke any issued Award Certificate.


23. Admission to the Course is free of charge.


24. The Academy will make available, electronically and/or physically, all hand-outs, slides and other material to be used during the lectures.

25. Such materials are strictly confidential, are protected by copyright and must not be made available to third parties.

26. Furthermore, such materials are intended for educational purposes only and do not in any way constitute advice and should not be relied upon for the purpose of providing advice.


27. At the end of the Course, and only in case of successful completion of it, the Student will be awarded an Award Certificate. The Award Certificate is a certificate issued on behalf of the Academy attesting that the Student has attended the Omega Coders Course on PHP Web Development.

28. Successful completion of the full Course will depend on attendance of at least 80% of all the lectures, tutorials and other activities that form part of the Course (subject to absence for genuine medical reasons or other special circumstances).

29. It is hereby being clarified that the Academy does not hold any accreditation by an approved third-party accrediting body or a professional governing body, and that the Award Certificate shall not confer on the Student any academic or professional credentials, or any right whatsoever.


30. For the purposes of these Regulations, attendance is proved by signing an attendance sheet at each lecture. The attendance sheet shall be circulated towards the end of each lecture. Failure to sign an attendance sheet will indicate absence at that particular lecture.

31. In the case of online lectures, attendance refers to the registration for the online lecture on the designated platform which records the duration of the presence of the persons registered. Where Students log in late or log off prior to the end of the lecture, it shall be at the discretion of the Academy to determine whether the Student attended the lecture for a sufficient amount of time so as to be considered to have attended the lecture for the purposes of Regulation 28 above.

32. The Academy reserves the right to prove attendance by other means as it deems fit.

33. Students who are not able to attend a given lecture are required to inform the Academy in advance, providing a reason for their absence. It would then be at the discretion of the Academy to excuse that particular absence.

34. A medical certificate is to be provided when a Student is not able to attend a lecture due to illness.


35. The Students’ performance will be assessed by means of a presentation of a completed project (the “Assessment”).

36. The Assessment is intended to generate insights into student learning by contributing in a meaningful way to the Course’s learning outcomes. It provides feedback to Students on their learning and academic progress and ensures that the way the Course is conducted meets the needs of the Students.


37. Students who, whether negligently or willfully, have committed a gross misdemeanor in respect of any matter connected with the Course will be liable to such disciplinary action as the Academy deems fit, including expulsion from the Course.˝

38. For the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and all applicable international or domestic laws, rules or regulations relating to the processing, privacy and use of personal data, it is hereby notified that upon submission of an application form to attend the Course, the applicant grants consent to the Academy to insert, and record, personal details in the relevant database of the Academy. Such personal data shall be used to contact the applicant in connection with the Course, to send information on any seminars and courses organized by the Academy, as well as to send periodical updates. Furthermore, applicants enrolled to follow the Course grant their consent to the Academy to retain their personal records for academic purposes and standard record keeping. More information on the collection and processing of personal data can be foundhere.

39. The Academy reserves the right to change as may be necessary the lecturer for any lecture, as well as the date, time or location thereof. The Academy will endeavour to give reasonable notice of any such change.

40. Students are expected to maintain discipline throughout lectures. Persistent late attendance will not be tolerated. Any rules set by the Academy of the premises wherein lectures are being delivered are to be respected at all times.

41. All communications to the Academy in connection with the Course are to be made in writing, by e-mail or standard letter, except where circumstances otherwise require.

42. Where a Student fails to attend two consecutive lectures without duly notifying the Academy of their absence, and said student does not respond to requests for clarification or information within one week of such request, enrolment to the respective Course will automatically be forfeited without further notice.